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Charles L. Spinardi

Illustration and Visual Development


Charlie Spinardi hails from Brooklyn, New York, but currently resides in Doraville, Georgia. He is an illustrator, specializing in concept art for animation. Although Charlie acquired most of his skills at SCAD, his art career began in Westfield, New Jersey, where he spent most of his childhood. While Charlie enjoyed visual storytelling with the picture books he drew during recess in elementary school, his interest in becoming a professional artist started around seventh grade. That was when Charlie’s teachers began to praise his artwork with greater frequency. It gave him the confidence to study art at a higher level. From late high school to the present day, Charlie’s work is full of absurdist visual gags, with undertones of horror. Fear of the unknown drives much of the outlandish concepts displayed in his art, especially when creating illustrations of alien worlds and dystopian futures.

Artist's Statement

Charlie is a digital artist, primarily completing his design work in Photoshop. Charlie’s work is context-sensitive, and the subject matter and style of his illustrations vary with the particular story for which he is creating concept art. However, if the narrative allows room for comedy, he will eagerly inject humor into his designs. Charlie likes to make the design process as fun as possible, and his humor-driven work tends to feel more original. The notion that originality is a myth has only driven him further to create work that feels new and unique. By combining elements and aspects of many movies, television shows, manga, and video games, he creates concept art that does not lean on any one specific intellectual property too heavily for inspiration.



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